Kyle Steinfeld

Data-Driven Design and Construction

Kyle Steinfeld

The DHour bioclimatic information design prototyping toolkit was reviewed by Randy Deutsch in Data-Driven Design and Construction: 25 Strategies for Capturing, Analyzing and Applying Building Data.

Dhour For Grasshopper

Kyle Steinfeld

A bioclimatic information design prototyping toolkit which enables the situational development of information graphics.


A Bioclimatic Information Design Prototyping Toolkit

Kyle Steinfeld & Brendon Levitt

This paper presents a new prototyping visualization toolkit, developed for the Grasshopper (Rutten 2013) visual programming environment, which enables the situational development of information graphics.

Situated Bioclimatic Information Design

A New Approach to the Processing and Visualization of Climate Data

Kyle Steinfeld, Pravin Bhiwapurkar, Anna Dyson, & Jason Vollen

This paper documents the process of developing a custom-built weather data parser, and producing a number of diagrams and data visualizations. These visualizations are not only useful in and of themselves for aligning design strategies to specific contexts, but they also illustrate the foundations of a larger theoretical framework for the processing and visualization of climatic data for effective utilization of bioclimatic flows.

Open Graphic Evaluative Frameworks

A Climate Analysis Tool Based on an Open Web-Based Weather Data Visualization Platform

Steinfeld, Kyle, Stefano Schiavon, & Dustin Moon

This paper presents a web-based framework that enables the production of user-generated visualizations of weather data.

ASHRAE-55 Thermal Comfort Tool

for the Center for the Built Environment

Tyler Hoyt, Stefano Schiavon, Alberto Piccioli, Dustin Moon and Kyle Steinfeld

A free online tool for evaluating comfort according to ASHRAE Standard 55.