Kyle Steinfeld

Dhour For Grasshopper

Kyle Steinfeld

A bioclimatic information design prototyping toolkit which enables the situational development of information graphics.


A Bioclimatic Information Design Prototyping Toolkit

Kyle Steinfeld & Brendon Levitt

This paper presents a new prototyping visualization toolkit, developed for the Grasshopper (Rutten 2013) visual programming environment, which enables the situational development of information graphics. for Grasshopper

Kyle Steinfeld

A visual-programming interface for the geometry library.

Public, Private, Protected

Encapsulation and the Disempowerment of the Digital Architect

Kyle Steinfeld

In the inargual issue of Room One Thousand, this essay advocates for designers to look deeper into the nested black boxes that comprise architectural software. - CAADRIA

A Platform-Independent Computational Geometry Environment

Kyle Steinfeld & Joy Ko

This paper presents three strategies host-independence, domain-specificity, and context-appropriate abstraction for the design of a textual programming environment supporting computational architectural design that more effectively addresses the needs implied by common practices within this community.