Kyle Steinfeld

Fresh Eyes - Universität der Künste Berlin Workshop

Applying machine learning to generative architectural design

Adam Menges, Kat Park, Kyle Steinfeld, Matt Turlock, Nono Martinez Alonso

This workshop offered at the Design Modeling Symposium in Berlin presents tools and techniques for the application of Machine Learning (ML) to Generative Architectural Design (GAD).

Large Scale Data and Small Scale Behavior Workshop

at the Design Modeling Symposium hosted by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Jessie Braden, Joy Ko, Kyle Steinfeld, Lynette Widder

The workshop, offered at the Design Modeling Symposium and hosted by the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, examines the use of real time behavioral data for urban planning and design. Technologies of GPS and GIS allow now to map flows of goods and to create maps on the large-scale of countries, regions and cities. Participants will explore inter scalar data mapping combining open data with mobile personal tracking technologies.

Necessary Tension

A Dual-Evaluation Generative Design Method for Tension Net Structures

Matt Turlock & Kyle Steinfeld

The nature of design tools is related to the social relationships they serve. This paper speculates on the emergence of a new professional configuration - the synthesis of architect and engineer - and on the nature of new computational tools and methods that will be required to support such a reconfiguration.