Kyle Steinfeld

Flows, Bits, and Relationships Workshop

Smart Geometry at the University of Toronto

Carlos Sandoval, John Faichney, Scott Ewart, Matthew Shaxted, and Kyle Steinfeld

This 6-day workshop cluster, occurring at the Smart Geometry Conference and hosted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, speculates about about the use of a novel analytical tool for structuring the various spatial constituents and datasets related to high-density urban environments.

Data and Design Workshop

at UC Berkeley

Nicholas De Monchaux and Kyle Steinfeld

In the context of the 2014-15 Studio One research program, I co-chaired a research workshop on making big-data analytics actionable for architectural design.

Large Scale Data and Small Scale Behavior Workshop

at the Design Modeling Symposium hosted by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Jessie Braden, Joy Ko, Kyle Steinfeld, Lynette Widder

The workshop, offered at the Design Modeling Symposium and hosted by the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, examines the use of real time behavioral data for urban planning and design. Technologies of GPS and GIS allow now to map flows of goods and to create maps on the large-scale of countries, regions and cities. Participants will explore inter scalar data mapping combining open data with mobile personal tracking technologies.

Data Agency

Kyle Steinfeld

In this introduction to an ACADIA conference session of the same name presents a new prototyping visualization toolkit, developed for the Grasshopper visual programming environment, which enables the situational development of information graphics.

Paradigms in Computing

Direct, Deferred, and Dissolved Authorship and the Architecture of the Crowd

Kyle Steinfeld & Levon Fox

In a chapter of the edited volume Paradigms in Computing, I present a framework for understanding a shift discernible in contemporary design culture. Here, I describe a shift from a nostalgic notion of direct authorship, understood as a compositional relationship between a designer and the product of his work, to a multiplicity of deferred authorships, wherein the stakeholders in the production of a design are mediated by systems of collaboration.

Studies in Small Scale Data

Three Case Studies on Describing Individuals’ Spatial Behaviour in Cities

Lynnette Widder, Jessie Braden, Joy Ko, and Kyle Steinfeld

Big Data has been effectively mined to understand behavioural patterns in cities and to map large-scale trends predicated upon the repeated actions of many aggregated individuals. While acknowledging the vital role that this work has played in harnessing the Urban Internet of Things as a means to ensure efficient and sustainable urban systems, our work seeks to recover a scale of behavioural research associated with earlier, empirical studies on urban networks.