Kyle Steinfeld

Ivy for Grasshopper

Andrei Nejur and Kyle Steinfeld

A mesh analysis and segmentation toolkit, developed as a plugin for Grasshopper, and that facilitates the fabrication of discrete three-dimensional forms.

Ivy - ACADIA 2017

Progress in Developing Practical Applications for a Weighted-Mesh Representation for Use in Generative Architectural Design

Andrei Nejur & Kyle Steinfeld

This paper presents progress in the development of practical applications for graph representations of meshes for a variety of problems relevant to generative architectural design (GAD).

Ivy - ACADIA 2016

Bringing a Weighted-Mesh Representation to Bear on Generative Architectural Design Applications

Andrei Nejur & Kyle Steinfeld

Given the widespread use of meshes and the utility of segmentation in generative architectural design, by surveying the relevant and recently matured approaches to mesh segmentation in CG that share a common representation of the mesh dual, this paper identifies and takes steps to address a heretofore unrealized transfer of technology that would resolve a missed opportunity for both subject areas.