Kyle Steinfeld

Early Smart Geometry Workshops

Kyle Steinfeld

Prior to 2010, the Smart Geometry workshop was very different. Prior to the peer-reviewed "cluster" model now adopted by this event, SG was focused on the development and testing of a single software package called Generative Components.

During this time, I frequently led workshops focusing on parametric and generative design techniques using Generative Components. This included annual week-long workshops and symposia, as well as smaller events.

Annual Smart Geometry Events

  • Mar 2009 in San Francisco, USA
  • Jan 2007 in New York, USA
  • Jan 2006 in Cambridge, UK

Smaller Workshops and Symposia

  • Oct 2006 at the NLSO conference at UPenn
  • Sep 2006 at the Pratt Institute in New York
  • Jun 2006 at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
  • Mar 2006 at the Stevens Institute in New Jersey
  • Apr 2005 at MIT in Cambridge
  • May 2005 at Columbia University in New York
  • Oct 2005 at Columbia University in New York