Kyle Steinfeld

Scripted By Purpose

Kyle Steinfeld

I displayed two original works at the Scripted by Purpose exhibit at the FUEL Gallery in Philadelphia. This exhibit of "explicit and encoded processes within design", curated by Marc Fornes (theverymany) and Skylar Tibbits (Sjet)

These tools we work with everyday (the computer hardware, the software applications, the algorithms) are not strictly speaking tools at all. They are closer to what another field would call “cognitive artifacts”, they are means through which to think. More than passive vessels for the conveyance of design intent, these instruments have become something more analogous to another participant in the working out of a design problem.

Yet somehow in the application of these instruments – in the initialization of arrays, the instantiation of classes, the declaration of variables – I often lose sight of this important fact.

Too often I treats these instruments like tools, asking what they can do for me, rather than what they do to me.